Weezer – Raditude


Sweet dog.

After one listen to “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” it’s clear that Rivers Cuomo knows how to write a huge pop-rock hit. But that’s never been Weezer’s problem–the band’s past is filled with strong lead singles like “Hash Pipe” and “Pork and Beans.” The problem for most Weezer fans is that, in their minds, nothing has lived up to Pinkerton, the initial flop, turned must have album for any emo kid and cred-searching hipster. Rivers has always written poppy songs with quirky lyrics. Pinkerton was a little more dark and personal, but not a severe departure from their overall sound when looking at their catalog. I think all of these obsessive fans and rock journalists have it wrong. Pinkerton is the anomoly, not the measuring stick for the career.

Look at their last four albums and lead singles:

Green Album: “Hash Pipe”
Maladroit: “Dope Nose”
Make Believe: “Beverly Hills”
Red Album: “Pork and Beans”

The four albums and eight years of sounding nothing like the band on Pinkerton. Get over it. Weezer are no longer nerd icons. Rivers grew up and so should you.

On Raditude, Weezer put together another collection of straight-forward rock songs with the necessary shine and polish to be considered pop. Aside from the first single, “I’m Your Daddy” and “Let it All Hang Out” are strong songs that don’t stray from the formula. Raditude isn’t a great album; it’s fun, light and has a a few catchy tunes, but Rivers and the gang aren’t doing anything that you haven’t heard before. And, while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it makes you question if Weezer really puts their all into their records. Great singles, weak filler. Raditude is an awesome album title and the artwork is pretty bitchin’ but I just don’t think the album lives up to its title.

Love the horn arrangement on Letterman.


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