Tiger Woods: Liar or Spin Master Crisis Avoider?

Fist pump for publicists!

Friday I was in New York City at a hotel when ESPN broke into the basketball game I was watching with news that Tiger Woods was in “serious condition” after crashing his car near his home in Florida. Naturally, at the time I felt bad and hoped for the best. But as more information has come out about the incident, the less it seems we’ll ever really know what happened. Was Tiger unconscious in the street? Did his wife “save” him by smashing out a window with a golf club? Were his facial lacerations caused by the accident or a domestic altercation? Will he ever talk to the cops about the circumstances of the accident? Why did he lawyer up and only release a statement through his website? Did he really cheat on his gorgeous wife? Did he really tell a friend he needed to get a ‘Kobe Special’?

People aren’t stupid. Sure, Tiger released a statement saying it was his fault and he was sorry and embarrassed, but if he really only wrecked his car, he should have just came out, talked on camera and laughed it off. The whole thing would have blown over by now. He wasn’t drunk, he just was a bad driver. But no. There seems to be a whole other story going on here with infidelity accusations, domestic violence, cover-up and media spin. Tiger Woods is a huge celebrity and an endorsement cash cow. Until now, he’s been the squeaky clean golfer who does no wrong. But as soon as there’s a hiccup in paradise, everyone freaks out. And although no one (besides Deadspin) will say it, but this, like all things is about money. If Tiger is just another pro athlete that cheated on his wife and got caught, he becomes a whole lot less valuable to Nike, Gillette, Buick and everyone else with their hand in his cookie jar.

As history has shown (see: Kobe Bryant, rapist) the public really doesn’t care about athletes’ personal lives as long as they win or still perform at a high level. Tiger should just come clean with everything, apologize, beg for forgiveness and play the religion card. Instead, he (or his handlers) have decided to spin their own story, hide the truth and deny everything. Sorry Tiger, that’s a triple bogie.


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  1. This was an interesting read, I tend to agree with you.

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