Fantasy Tuesday

Rejoice! For the first time all year I went 3-0 for the weekend. It was a combination of smart starts, luck and bad games by opponents. At this point, the playoffs are in sight for two teams. More importantly, the nine game losing streak is over. On top of that, the Patriots got demolished by the Saints. Stop for a second and savor the highlights below.

Not pictured, the severe hit on Kevin Faulk from Darren Sharper. It was awesome to see the Saints’ offense firing on all cylinders and they proved they are the most explosive team in the league. More so, the game exposed a weak ass Patriots defense that looked utterly confused. Sure the Pats will still probably win the AFC East but that’s really just delaying the inevitable. Every team in the league saw last night’s game and this morning every coach got the game tape. The best part was how the genius coach pulled his golden boy QB with still five minutes left in the game. It’s one thing to accept defeat but at least go down fighting with some pride.

It was a great weekend overall for football, Thanksgiving and food. Not so much for Tiger Woods. It’s officially December and so begins the end of the year countdown. The month will mostly consist of “Best Of” lists for 2009 and the decade. Yea, ten years gone and we should reflect. To start quickly, the top five things about this past Thanksgiving:

5) New York City: All other cities are pussies compared the Big Apple.
4) Whatever it was Called I Drank On Thanksgiving: Ginger Beer, Absolut and Lime. Solid.
3) UCONN Fans Representing in the Garden: Husky faithful traveled well to NYC and it was not pleasant for Duke fans. Despite the loss, we still made Duke and their fans feel like the pompous assholes they truly are.
2) Good Company: Always give thanks for friends and family!
1) FOOD: Diesel, as always.

And now, I can officially embrace the Christmas spirit.


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