Songs of the Year

The worst songs of the year were unfortunately the two that sat on top of the Billboard charts the longest. Of course I’m talking about “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Got a Feeling,” BOTH by the Black-Eyed Peas. I continue to believe that America’s taste in music has gone completely down the toilet and these two songs’ popularity does nothing to dispute that. There are no redeeming qualities about either of these tracks and if you purchased either on iTunes or call yourself a Black-Eyed Peas fan, we’re no longer friends. Here are my top five songs of the year:

5. Anything on Glee
constantly makes me cringe. I hate everything Will Shuster sings and there is no excuse subjecting classics like “Poison” or “Gold Digger” to the show’s corny awkwardness. It’s campy and over-the-top and unapologetic. It’s also a pretty decent show that millions of people have fallen in love with. The biggest character in the show is the music. While they tend to rework classic hits, it’s hard to choose one single song from the show that has made an impact, but they all seem to have struck a chord with viewers. As I write this, two songs from the season finale are in the iTunes top ten and the albums rank number one and three. I guess everyone’s just a sucker for choirs and a capella arrangements. Below, my favorite track of the season, and it’s not even sung my the McKinley club!

4. “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune” – Jay-Z
The beat is sets the track off and is not your standard bass and keyboard monotony. Jigga’s rhyme’s are tight, but I love the sentiment of the song more. “D.O.A” hasn’t killed auto-tune completely yet, but it sure made rappers and singers think twice before employing the popular gimmick effect.

3. “Good Girls Go Bad” – Cobra Starship
Silly, stupid and calculated. I’m about 94% sure Cobra Starship is a joke band but they still manage to make insanely catchy pop tunes. Having Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester on the song was pure marketing genius for both sides. Gabe Saporta proves once again that all you need is a hook and Pete Wentz’s cell number to have a hit.

2. “I Do Not Hook Up” – Kelly Clarkson
The perfect song for the perfect artist. It’s funny learning that the tune was originally written for Katy Perry. Comparing the two versions is like comparing Eminem to Vanilla Ice. Clarkson’s version is superior on every level from the lyric change in the chorus to her band’s arrangement to the killer note at the end of the bridge. The Katy Perry version should be destroyed and never mentioned again.

1. “Party in the U.S.A” – Miley Cyrus
Was there any doubt?


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