fun. – Aim & Ignite

I’m late to the party for fun. Now, normally I’m wary of anything that has a hipster scent on it, but Aim & Ignite was voted Absolute Punk’s number two album of 2009 and I had some iTunes cash to redeem. After listening to a couple previews, I went ahead with the purchase and have really come to enjoy the album.

I can see why kids on Absolute Punk like the CD. At fist listen they sound like a more mature Panic! at the Disco with better instrumentation. I really don’t care about their hype or previous bands or whatever. Judging purely on music alone, Aim & Ignite is a great album and would have made my top ten list for 2009. The songs are catchy, well-crafted and refreshingly quirky without being obnoxious. As Jenn said, they sound like they should be in Mac ad and I’ll add that I’d be surprised if “All the Pretty Girls” isn’t in every indie comedy movie trailer in the next year. Fun. proves that pop music can be made with real instruments and songwriting and still sound great.

My favorite track is the opener “Be Calm.” It’s a slow build with great arrangements that explodes with singer Nate Ruess taking it up an octave when the guitars kick in.

In a time when all most music sucks, the radio is dominated by Lady Gaga and original acts are hard to find, fun. is a welcomed change of pace.


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