This Whole Conan and Leno Mess

I think it’s safe to say that NBC is to blame for all this shit. The messed up last summer when they had to honor Conan’s contract to take over The Tonight Show but tried to eat their cake too by hanging onto Leno, moving his show to 10 p.m. and freeing themselves economically from the burden of producing new prime time programming.

Conan has said that he’s not willing to compromise with NBC and will most likely end up on another network like FOX, who has the most apparent opening. It’s a lose-lose situation for Conan. He gets screwed out of The Tonight Show and if he moves to 11 p.m. on Fox, he’ll still be competing with late local news and have to dumb down hos show even more. The best solution I read was from Bill Simmons when he tweeted that Conan should go to midnight on Comedy Central following The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Think about that two-hour block of comedy. Too bad Comedy Central doesn’t have the money Conan commands.

Whatever the outcome, it won’t end well. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Until then, we can enjoy the funny, and slightly awkward shows from every late night host. Everyone’s addressing the controversy, Leno and Conan included, but I think Jimmy Kimmel was the best so far with his Leno impression last night. Check it out below.


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