At Least I Have Something In Common with Daryl Palumbo

One of the recent criticisms of this site is that there’s not enough food-related content, whether it be reviews, recipes or general articles. I admit, the site has diversified over the past year, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’ve always seen Chef Diesel more as an all you-can-eat cultural buffet, rather than a literal representation of a person in a kitchen. To directly respond to the haters though, there have been fewer food posts because I have been struggling since late September with what my doctors think is Crohn’s Disease.

The last few months have been tough, but the one thing that I have control over is my diet, which greatly impacts my symptoms. I have my good days and my bad, but as long as I avoid certain foods, my life stays pretty even keeled. I’ve started another site that mainly serves as my food diary, but also has some other musings on my situation. By no means am I asking for sympathy, and I’d actually prefer if you didn’t visit the other site. I feel no need to share my story to help others or be an attention-martyr-whore for the cause. I only write this to hopefully explain this site’s content direction and provide some transparency for my ten faithful readers. Thanks for sticking with me.


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