A Few Thoughts on Last Night’s Grammy Awards

I was so interested in last night’s Grammy Awards that I decided to DVR the show and watch the NFL Pro Bowl live instead. Like Stephen Colbert said at the opening, there’s nothing better than a bunch of celebrities getting together in a giant room to congratulate themselves. In recent years the Grammys telecast has become more a showcase for interesting collaborations than an awards show. This year was no different, but rather than be fresh and exciting, everything just seemed bloated and unnecessary. Does this show really need to be three and a half hours long when you really only give out seven awards?

In between seeing Aaron Rodgers NOT get sacked by Shaun Ellis and awkward interviews with Colts and Saints players, here are a few thoughts on what I saw at the Grammys.

Censors KILLED Eminem, Drake, Weezy and Travis Barker
I understand rappers can’t be swearing on television, but by no means was this “live” and the dude working on the dump button had insanely quick trigger. They should have known when the cusses were coming and been quick with it. No excuse for 3-5 seconds of silence in the middle of a song.

Beyonce Does Alanis
Is it me, or does it feel like Beyonce goes over-the-top on every single televised performance? I can admire her intensity and showmanship, but the words understated and restraint are not in her vocabulary. It’s becoming a little much. And why did she dust off “If I Were a Boy”? That’s maybe the fourth most popular song on her album and she wasn’t even nominated for it. Even stranger was the detour into Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know” during the bridge. WTF? Maybe it would have been cool if Alanis came out for a cameo but there’s really no logical reasoning for splicing the two songs. Truly weird.

The Michael Jackson 3D Song
I get it. As a musical themed show, it’s written in law that we must honor Michael Jackson. Trotting his kids out was a little strange but more puzzling was the decision to make the segment in 3D? It’s not like they were showing Avatar. It was a girl in a forest! The only redeeming element of the 3D was getting to see Beyonce and Rihanna in those goofy glasses. Awkward, mesmerizing, silly.  It’s one thing for people at home to watch in 3D, but live at the event? Whoever the director was that ordered to switch to camera four is a genius.

Congrats to Taylor Swift
I like Taylor Swift. I think it’s nice she won for Album of the Year, but do you really thing Fearless was the best album released in the past year? Fearless actually came out in November of 2008, but behind “Love Story” and “You Belong to Me,” the CD became more popular throughout 2009, eventually being re-released in deluxe format in October ’09.

Now, I don’t own Fearless, but from the singles and my basic knowledge of pop-country music, I’ll guess that the songs are pretty one-note. Young love, big dreams, innocent perspective–nothing we haven’t heard before. I think the suits who nominate artists for the Grammys wanted to seem young and hip this year so they looked at the Billboard charts and picked four of the top selling albums of the past twelve months. That or they were left scrambling when Paul McCartney/Steely Dan/Bruce Springsteen didn’t release an album this year. Anyways, I’d much rather have Taylor win than the fucking Black-Eyed sellout Peas even though this feels more like a victory lap to celebrate her successful 2009 than an award for artistic achievement.



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3 responses to “A Few Thoughts on Last Night’s Grammy Awards

  1. Mike Schaedler

    dude give ellis a break. he has a broken hand and played with a club! at least he didn’t puss out like certain other afc east players do every year.

  2. Chef Diesel

    Ellis still could have sacked him if he was a quadriplegic. The point was no one hits in the Pro Bowl…it’s become a joke, like a glorified offensive scrimmage. And yes, we all know the Patriot’s players are pussies.

  3. j-w0ww

    You Forgot about Pink!

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