Rustic Overtones Live at The Stone Church

Rustic Overtones killed it last night a The Stone Church in Newmarket, NH. It was probably the best sounding live performance I’ve seen out of the Portland, Maine group. The band tore through several tracks off The New Way Out and even treated the crowd to older songs like “Girl Germs” and “Simple Song.” The highlight of the night was easily the medley of “Nuts and Bolts/Iron Boots/History Crush.” The epic mix was tied together by saxophonist Ryan Zoidis’ sick solos. I wished they closed their set with this rather than rocking it early on.

Speaking of Zoidis, he blew me away. I’ve seen with the band several times before, but it felt like at this show he was let off the leash. This show was also the first time I’ve seen RO without a designated keyboard player. Bassist Jon Roods and members of the horn section traded off manning the keys and they still sounded great.

It’s been three months since The New Way Out was released and it feels like the band has really dialed themselves in. They are tighter than ever and should not be missed.

Check out Zoidis’ solo from their encore finale “Feast or Famine.”

Setlist…probably slightly out of order

New Way Out
Everybody Wants to Be Somebody’s Friend
Girl Germs
Light at the End
Nuts and Bolts/Iron Boots/History Crush
Downside of Looking Up
All Together Now
Love and a 45
Gas on Skin
Common Cold
Simple Song

Rock Like War
Feast or Famine

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