New Found Glory/Saves the Day 10 Year Aniversary Show

Ten years ago New Found Glory released their self-titled CD that launched their career as pop-punk’s favorite sons. I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I had recently traded sports for music and New Found Glory was that album for me. It was poppy yet fast and heavy. Every song was about girls and all I thought about was the lack of girls in my life. I learned to play every song on guitar and emulated singer Jordan Pudnik’s nasally style. For ten years, NFG have remained one of my favorite bands because they’ve stayed true to their sound and delivered on every album since.

Sunday at the House of Blues was a celebration of all pop punk. Upstarts Fireworks opened the show, but I missed them. I did catch then end of Hellogoodbye’s set–decent. But I was there to see two bands–Saves the Day and New Found Glory. Saves the Day, or Chris Conley and three guys I’ve never seen before, came out and played a great set of old and new hits. Conley was flawless on his vocals and proved to be just as good with the guitar. The only problem I had with Saves the Day is that their sound is way toned done live. Barely any distortion on the guitars, very subtle stage presence and very little excitement during each song. They were  note perfect though. It’s hard to complain about a great sounding live band, but I would have been nice to see a little more grit.

I knew that NFG was going to play the self-titled album all the way through–its why I was there. I’ve seen NFG a ton. I don’t need to hear “My Friends Over You” (video above!) again. Seeing rarities like “Black and Blue,” “Vegas,” and “All About He” was what the show was all about. Obviously, they rocked. NFG tore through the 12-track album and after a brief break and set-change, came back to play the hits like “All Down Hill From Here” and “Understatement.” No, Jordan wasn’t great but he never is. He rocks out, involves the crowd and keeps the energy high.

The 10th Anniversary CD/DVD is Available Now

The show wasn’t the greatest concert I’ve ever seen, but it was an occasion that I needed to attend. I wouldn’t say that it’s closure, but it was a fun night to reflect on how much has changed and stayed the same over the past decade. Here’s to (us fools who have no meaning and) another ten years.


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