American Idol was Horrible: Guy Edition

Wow. Another completely disappointing show. This really might be the weakest season yet. It was hard to be worse than the girls on Wednesday, but I think the guys pulled it off. There was only one insane train wreck courtesy of Tim Urban, but as a whole the guys were just blah. Pencil Casey James into the top five right now, but other than that, I just don’t know.

Favorite Performance
This is like picking a decent album out of the sale bin at the record store. No one sent me, but I’ll give it up to Todrick Hall for his version of “Since You’ve Been Gone.” Nowhere near as good as the original, but at least he tried something. However, I think he should have kept this arrangement in his back pocket for when he makes it to the top twelve. It’s the kind of “risk” the judges will love in ten weeks, but right off the bat sounds forced.

Who Will Go Home
I really don’t care. Do it like Diddy and send them all home. My picks though–Tim Urban for not realizing he doesn’t have a falsetto and Alex Lambert simply for the worst haircut I’ve ever seen.

Insult of the Night
Simon to Tim Urban: Something like, “We totally made the right decision when we decided to not let you in the first time.”

Other Thoughts
Kara looked like she belonged in the Raider’s Black Hole.


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