An Open Letter to Dunkin' Donuts Employees

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts Employees,

Why do put a Boston Cream donut into its bag upside down? Don’t you realize that when you casually pick the donut off the shelf and toss it into the bag, the donut always gets flipped and stuck to the bottom of the bag, thus ruining the frosting balance and forcing me to scrape the luscious chocolate off with my finger after inhaling the scarred donut.

Right Side Up!

The Boston Cream is easily your best confection. We’re not talking about no regular glazed or jelly that can be thrown around like a hockey puck here. This is the Boston Cream–cakey dough filled with rich Bavarian cream and topped sweet chocolate frosting. Respect it. Understand that this donut requires a little more finesse when being placed into a to-go bag. It doesn’t seem like to much to ask. Don’t put the donut chocolate side down! Why did you change to the flat style dozen donut boxes? TO PRESERVE THE DONUTS IN TRANSIT AND KEEP THEM FROM SMUSHING TOGETHER. Can this concept not also transfer to a smaller scale?

Does the mail man kick your packages up the driveway like Ace Ventura? Does Macy’s spill soda on your shirt at the register? I don’t think so. I know you’re the only donut game in town, but it’s time to step it up. When I want to lick a bag or wrapper, I’ll do it because I want to, not because I have to.


Chef Diesel


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One response to “An Open Letter to Dunkin' Donuts Employees

  1. Elizabeth

    I couldn’t have said it better. This just happened to me and I’m so sick of it being a regular occurrence. I am considering printing this letter out and dropping it off at all the Dunkins around here. That you so much for putting it so well. Hopefully they will take the advice.

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