Anthony Bourdain on Food Bloggers

On Monday’s episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain delved into the world of food obsession. My favorite segment was when Bourdain talked with three famous food bloggers that are credited with starting the online phenomenon back in 2001. Check out the clips below; the first video starting around the eight-minute mark and the whole second video.

I love Bourdain’s take. It’s just food. All of the analyzing and food porn camera shoots ultimately take away from the experience of a meal and the company you’re with. Sure, some people subscribe to belief that they just want to share everything good they like and feel the need to prove how awesome they are through their recommendations. But I found it quite amusing that two of the dudes openly admit to using food blogging to fill a void in their life, specifically the lack of women and sex. This is not to say all male food bloggers are fat, socially awkward and incompetent with the ladies, but they’re called stereotypes for a reason.

I have never considered this site a food blog. I love food and occasionally like to write about it here. I have never whipped out my camera at a restaurant and hate the label “foodie.” I have the very same opinion as Anthony–it’s just food. Enjoy it in the moment. Savor the experience. Share your thoughts afterward if you see fit. But there’s no need to be territorial, argue and defend your tastes to the death. As Bourdain says, food bloggers are a necessary evil and undoubtedly the future. But rather than be so competitive, hostile and self-indulgent, bloggers should embrace what food is all about–community.



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