American Idol and the Rolling Stones

American Idol proved last night what I’ve already known for quite some time. The Rolling Stones are overrated. Sure, they’ve had tons of hits and are icons and were rock and roll pioneers in the sixties, but come on, they’re songs are simple, repetitive and annoying. They were never as good as the Beatles, I don’t understand the Jagger/Richards appeal, and for the last 20 years they’ve refused to hang it up even though they look like zombie corpses sleepwalking on stage. If it wasn’t for Bill Gates using “Start Me Up” in his Windows’ ads in the mid nineties, the Stones would just be another band on the Oldies station.

The problem with the Stones’ songs is that they’re so recognizable, it’s hard to reinterpret or “make them your own.” It’s like taking on Mariah, Whitney or Celine. Thank god no one chose to sing “Satisfaction,” but I guarantee it will be the group song.

The Singers

Because of my Stones aversion, the show wasn’t great for me. I think Siobhan was the best and Tim Urban was rediculous with his reggae “Under My Thumb.” Tim was the only train wreck, but because he’s still around, we’ll have to assume that the pubescent girls want to keep the eye candy, meaning that everyone else is still on the chopping block.

Let’s talk about Siobhan briefly. As discussed Tuesday night in the Diesel household, she has a striking resemblance to Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That. I feel like she’s secretly, awkwardly hot. I dig the hair and the tat, but ditch the piercings and fix the teeth. If she went with flats instead of the Doc Marten’s with Tuesday’s outfit, it would have been a knock-out. She’s got the pipes and is quirky, but might be too out there to win the whole thing. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Siobhan’s been consistent in a one way street way. If she diversifies and shows a more contemporary, and well, less awkward side, she could win.

Front-runner Crystal Bowersox went predictable and Katie Steven rode a wild horse in the right direction, but is turning out to be more like her home state’s university’s basketball team–talent and potential, but no execution. I would also be happy if Lacy was sent packing. Her nasally elfish tone has just gotten worse and I agree with Simon that it looks like every move is staged like an actress. Her performance Tuesday night was worse than the food at Ruby Tuesday’s.


Goodbye Andrew Garcia. (Crossing my fingers for Lacy.)

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