Brendan’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza (1) vs. Steak Frites (4)

Sick/ILL/Nasty (In a Good Way) Bracket

The Teams
Brendan’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Upper Crust might be the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. It has the perfect balance of heat, sweet, richness and texture. You haven’t had thin-crust pizza until you’ve eaten at Upper Crust.

Les Halles is a New York City institution. A classic French bistro with two locations made famous by its former head chef Anthony Bourdain. Everything is great at Les Halles (blood sausage, duck confit, cassoulet, etc.), but a grilled steak and crispy frites is hard to argue with.

The Winner
Brendan’s pizza is a beast. This is a blow-out. Les Halles’ steak frites is a nice Cinderella story and stays close through the first couple bites, but eventually the stronger team asserts their dominance and pulls away. Buffalo chicken is moving on!


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