Gyro Plate (2) vs. Sausage Platter (3)

SICK/ILL/Nasty (In a Good Way) Bracket

The Teams
The Gyro Plate at the Aegean Restaurant in Framingham, MA is the pinnacle of Mediterranean fine dining. It’s almost wrong to have such a popular street food on the menu at an upscale place. With the plate you get chopped pork and lamb, tomato, onions, rice, tzatziki, a grilled pita and you’re left to assemble a masterpiece.

Sausage is a vice for me. A platter of various sausage? Yes, please. Heidelberg on the Upper East Side of New York City is an old school German joint that serves the classics–schnitzel, spaetzel, schweinbraten. I rock the sausage platter because you get variety with the bratwurst and knockwurst along with the sauerkraut and potato salad. Throw in a Warsteiner or a Weiss Bier and it’s a great meal.

The Winner
This is a very close contest, down to the wire. If we were judging on overall experience, the edge would go to Heidelberg. It’s frozen in time and unapologetic about its traditional fare. The beer puts it over the top. But, dish for dish, the win goes to Aegean. Those fresh flavors of grilled meat, cool Greek yogurt, and grilled pita are a thing of culinary beauty. I love the sausage platter, but after the third link, the pants start getting tight and finishing the meal becomes more of a burden than a necessity.

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