Total Boo-Yea Region

Carnitas Torta (1) vs. Chicken Rosario (4)

The Teams
The Carnitas Torta is the only sandwich to be inducted into the Hall of Boo-Yea. If you’re on or near Landsdowne in Boston, go to La Verdad and thank me after you recover from the food coma.

Capellini’s is a great Italian joint in Methuen, MA. Nothing flashy, always consistent food, and great service. And while I’m sure everything is great on the menu, every time I go I order the Chicken Rosario–crispy chicken cutlet topped with prosciutto, provolone, mushrooms and Madeira wine sauce.

The Winner
This is an extremely tough call, as I probably will never be able to eat either again because of my new lame diet. The sandwich is a giant ball of amazing fat and grease. Pork, avocado, refried beans, mayo, toasted bun with plantain chips and slaw. I’m getting pissed just thinking about it. The Rosario is a great meal–a real solid, can’t miss dish. But I wouldn’t say you need to try it. The torta though, is a necessity. Consuming the sandwich might just be worth the pain for me.

Sausage & Spinach Pie (2) vs. Dallas Burger (3)

The Teams
As documented in the pizza war post, Pepe’s is the truth. Totally worth the hype. Great crust, phenomenal ovens and tradition that can’t be matched. You can’t fuck with their thin crust.

One of the most surprising meals I had this past year was at Bobby’s Burger Palace in Mohegan Sun. Bobby Flay’s fast-casual burger concept is the future. A great burger with upscale flavor-combinations. The Dallas Burger is where it’s at with a side of fries.

The Winner
We’re dealing with the past and the present here. Frank Pepe’s is an institution. You have the classic white clam pie or you can create your own toppings. BBP has some great-tasting, well-executed burgers, but let’s face it, they’re just burgers. Pepe’s takes the win, but remember if you’re a Pepe’s virgin, be prepared to wait, or go off hours!


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  1. Amanda

    wooo Pepes! At least someone i was rooting for one today

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