American Idol and Billboard #1 Hits

Think of all the number one songs to top the Billboard list. It’s basically the list of the greatest songs ever written. So why were the Idols choosing Linda Ronstadt, the Boxtops and Phil Collins and butchering songs by Marvin Gaye and Queen? Shit if I know. What could have been a coming out party for so many of the contestants, fell flat with disappointment. Let’s be real though, the goal for eight out of the eleven left is to make it to the top ten so they can go on tour this summer. With the colossal bombs from Tim, Paige and Didi, it’s looking good for the favorites.

What I Liked
Miley Cyrus as the “mentor?” Yes, please. Katie went younger with the Fergie cut, but I personally hate the song so it didn’t resonate with me as much. I liked the idea of a Huey Lewis song on AI, but wished it wasn’t Casey stroking his um, ego/guitar to it. Crystal continues to stay in her lane but her ‘too cool for school’ attitude is becoming annoying. After teasing next week’s performance without a guitar, my expectations are high and will settle for nothing less that perfection. Oh, and don’t you get the feeling that she’s just going to sell her guitar with all the signatures on Ebay after the show’s over and her album flops?

Not So Much
At this point, I couldn’t even tell you who’s “pitchy” and who’s note perfect. I like music, and attempt to sing occasionally into a microphone but I have no idea what it means to be pitchy. It’s like Randy is turning into Paula by saying “you look great” and offering no real critique. If singer continue to be pitchy, why don’t you tell them how to correct it? Simon was on fire all night so there’s no use stealing jokes from him. I will reiterate one thing: Siobhan and the screaming. She’s shown she can do it, and do it well, but we need something else from her, or at the very least, a change in her formulaic approach to arrangements.

Seriously, if Tim or Paige doesn’t go home, my faith in the American voters will be lost forever.


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