No Doggy Bag Necessary Region

Burrito Grande (1) vs. Lobster-Corn Fritters (4)

The Teams
I’m partial to Boca Grande in Boston (and not the other Mexican place that starts with an A and shall not be mentioned). I lived off the stuff in college. The Grilled Steak Burrito Grande with rice, cheese, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce and salsa is a massive, diesel meal.

Keon’s in Haverhill, MA is a tiny America bistro, but huge on charm and flavor. Their Lobster-Corn Fritters are a revelation. Light, crispy, rich, sweet and savory. Appetizer of the year 2009 in Chef Diesel’s book.

The Winner
We have an upset here. Some might compare it to Northern Iowa over Kansas. The Lobster-Corn Fritters represent upscale flavor in a low-country presentation. The flavor profile is complex and so satisfying. I will always love the Burrito Grande. It’s where I came of age as a culinary beast during my formative years. But how many times can I put a steak burrito on a pedestal? It’s the definition of a Meisel, but now with my new diet, it’s hard to imagine returning to my former glory. The Fritters are moving on!

Fried Chicken (2) vs. Fish Sandwich (3)

The Teams
Good fried chicken in Haverhill, MA? Yea, I was skeptical too, but The Chicken Connection represents. I’m pretty sure they deep fry their birds in a pressure cooker after a long brine. It’s the best fried chicken I’ve eaten north of Memphis.

We’ve already discussed the Markey’s/Brown’s rivalry. For a solid fish (fried haddock) sandwich, I opt for Markey’s. Nothing fancy, just an oversized fillet on a plain bun with optional (not really) tartar sauce. It’s moist, crispy and one of the cheapest items on the menu.

The Winner
I love all things fried so this is a toss up. Chicken or fish? At the Connection you could go white meat, dark meat, boneless. The simplicity of the fish sandwich is what makes it great. Simply preparation, let the fresh product speak for itself. This one’s going to overtime. I like the options at Chicken Connection and Markey’s has the portions. With the food being a stalemate, I’m going to have go to the fact that Chicken Connection located on one side of a duplex house. I’d love to live upstairs and have my life permeated with grease. Chicken Connection wins at the buzzer!

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