You Gonna Finish That? Region

DC-10 Red Alert (1) vs. Blink’s Fried Dough (4)

The Teams
Wings Over: best Buffalo wings and boneless I’ve ever eaten. DC-10 Red Alert is the perfect combination or portion and heat. Respect.

The one time I ate at Blink’s on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, I was drunk and looking for a late night snack. There’s a picture of me right before I inhaled the confection topped with caramel apple where I look like the happiest lush in the world. This picture is the sole reason for them making the tourney.

The Winner
Wings Over is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. Blink’s was a great experience, but I can think about five other desserts I’d rather have right now. As people often say, I guess you had to be there.

Fried Calamari (2) vs. Kobe Beef Brisket (3)

The Teams
Blue Ginger is Wellesley, MA is my favorite “occasion” restaurant. Ming Tsai’s place is delicious, but pricey, so it’s best saved for times of celebration. The fried calamari appetizer is a must order–light and crispy served with a creamy garlic aioli.

I have a vice for Spanish tapas. Yea, the portions are small and sometimes disappointing, but the low prices and variety allow you to sample many plates and keep the tab reasonable. The upscale Pazo in Baltimore, MD almost made me have an out-of-body experience with their Kobe beef brisket over potato puree. Immaculately tender and fatty, slathered with a touch of creamy potato. The perfect bite?

The Winner
Blue Ginger will always be a top tier choice for me, but if we’re going dish to dish hear, the brisket seals the deal with free throws down the stretch. The portion is small, but that’s what makes it so indulgent. You’re forced to savor every bite and appreciate the complex flavors in such a tight presentation.

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  1. Mike Schaedler

    i won’t be surprised if wings over runs the table

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