Gus Johnson Finally Gets His

It’s no secret Gus Johnson is the best play-by-play basketball announcer working today. Everyone loves him–fans, media, players. He’s so enthusiastic about basketball that watching him call games is actually a pleasure rather than a total annoyance (see: EVERY other play-by-play man). He arguably makes exciting games even more enjoyable. The NCAA Tournament was made for Gus. Underdogs, buzzer beats, upsets and dramatic performances. This year the tournament has had several outstanding games–Murray St./Vanderbilt, Michigan St./Maryland, Northern Iowa/Kansas–but for each nail-biter, Gus has been on some other boring game. Until last night. I’ll be honest and say that I went to sleep at the half of the Kansas State/Xavier game. I missed a double overtime classic. Gus was court-side and delivered on all levels. Enjoy the highlight below.

CBS finally got rid of Billy Packer last year and gave Gus more exposure in a regional. It’s time to accept the inevitable and let Gus go all the way to the championship. Jim Nantz is serviceable, but Gus is just so diesel. Let’s hope the Butler/Kansas State games gives Gus one more chance for greatness this year.


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