Diesel Madness: Feasting Four

I’ve heard some feedback that readers think some of my choices for this tournament were wrong and biased. Well, yes. Absolutely. This is my bracket and the winners were determined by me, not fan votes! If you have beef, voice your opinions in the comments or start your own tournament. I will say though that I did like the idea of a play-in game between In-and-Out Burger and the Mad Greek (Barstow, CA)–two omissions that I regret. In-and-Out could have made some noise. Maybe next year.

Upper Crust vs. La Verdad
There’s only so much grease I can take. The Carnitas Torta is gluttonous and can only take you so far towards culinary stimulation. The Buffalo Chicken pizza has portion, flavor, texture and value all it it’s favor.

Wings Over vs. Keon’s
Keon’s is the Butler of this tournament, but the Cinderella story ends here. The fritters are fried dieselness, but Wings Over has the best chicken wings, bones and boneless, available. Fried fresh and sauced to order, the wings are one of the foods that I could eat every day of my life and never grow tired.

Upper Crust vs. Wings
The Buffalo Battle! What it really comes down to for me is presentation. Wings has a superior chicken product, but Upper Crust presents the whole package in a concise and delicious pie. With the Buffalo Pizza you get the chicken, the hot sauce, the crumbled blue cheese (and mozzarella) and a crispy yet chewy crust all in one bite. Wings is a mighty challenger, but Brendan’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza reigns supreme.

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