Diesel Madness: Someone Won Our Pool!

Technically my Dad won our pool, but there’s no way I’m awarding him the prize. So…CONGRATS to friend and former co-worker Emily for sucking the (second) least this year. It truly was a wild and unpredictable tournament that almost ended with an improbable half-court bank shot. Duke won. Yes, this upsets me, but knowing that the rest of the world outside of Durham hates Duke just as much as me and understanding that none of their players will have an NBA career is comforting. The slipper can’t always fit.

So Emily, you have exactly one year to claim your prize of a column/post of your choosing for this site. Self-promotion, pirates, cats (ugh), psycho ex-bosses–any topic is fair game. My only recommendation though is to strike while the iron is hot, because let’s face it, in another week you’ll either forget all about us or you’ll realize that a guest column on this site will only tarnish your resume as a writer and/or lead to an embarrassing Google search later in life.


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One response to “Diesel Madness: Someone Won Our Pool!

  1. get ready for some beer drinkin’, self promotin’ kitty pirates!!! muhahahaha!

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