American Idol and Lennon/McCartney

Well, I was 0 for 9 in my Twitter song selection predictions. At least some of the contestants sang from the expected pool of classics. I know they never talk about it, but there has to be some sort of ‘number out of the hat’ process that takes place behind the scenes for who gets to pick their song first or who has the right to sing what. You know everyone wanted to sing “Let It Be.” It’s gold. Katie Stevens won the lottery last night by singing that song. She was great and I’m happy for her, but I think Bowersox could have made an even bigger statement with the ballad. Instead, Crystal presumably is left with “Come Together,” probably the most challenging song she’s done on guitar, and spends more time looking at her fingers on the frets than singing into the mic. The judges loved ‘Sox anyways but we all know their opinions are basically non-constructive garbage filler. Simon should be the only one allowed to talk. Now that would be a great homage to him in his final season.

The rest of the night was just boring and corny. Aaron, Casey and Siobhan put me to sleep while Andrew and Lee did two of the corniest performances in this history of the show. Like Brook White corny. Bagpipes? (And Crystal’s didgeridoo?) Really? Lee’s performance felt like an over indulgent awards-show type gag where they bring out gimmicks like marching bands to pep up a song we’ve heard a million times.

It’s really time for Tim or Andrew to pack their bags. In a very weak season, their shit has sunk to the bottom. But we all know how these things go. Katie being in the bottom three the last couple weeks signifies her singing on borrowed time, but I think “Let it Be” may be enough to save her for at least one more week.

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