The Best Fried Rice in Merrimack Valley

I’ve finally found good pork fried rice. Not the usual bullshit greasy brown rice with tiny flecks of roast pork and soy sauce that people in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are used to. Seriously, the stuff that passes as fried rice in this region is pathetic. Sure, I’ll order and eat it, but trust me, I don’t enjoy it.

The pork fried rice at Hans Garden on Washington Street in Haverhill, MA is legit. Tender pork, fluffy egg, scallions, bean sprouts, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice, salty and sweet. The ratio of ingredients to rice is unmatched. It’s really an awesome combination that could serve better as a meal than as a forgotten side. I know it’s an Americanized version of a Chinese classic, but fuck it. I don’t care about authenticity if the food is good. After rocking the Hans Garden rice, there’s no going back.


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