American Idol and Elvis

The inevitable came to pass for Katie. She was my home-region girl, but the competition proved to be too tough for her. She never found her groove and was constantly battling poor song choices and mixed messages from the judges. She may be off the show, but I’m sure there’s good things ahead for her. My advice to her would be to enjoy the tour this summer, finish high school and keep practicing. She got major exposure and validation on Idol, but she still lacks the polish to be a star right now. I know she’ll want to capitalize on the hype and fan support but she should take her time and let her career develop naturally.

While watching Elvis week I had two thoughts; 1) Why is Elvis a theme year after year? I know he’s like the top earning dead celebrity but can we just get over the fact that the contestants always pick the same songs and perform them badly? And 2) Tim Urban should win American Idol.

The past few weeks I’ve been calling America dumb for keeping him around and questioning why he’s even on the show, but when he was crooning “Can’t Help Falling in Love” I realized that he is the embodiment of an American Idol. Pretty face, marginal talent, marketable and vacant. For years the judges have touted American Idol as a singing competition, but really it’s a farm system to develop marketable acts. There’s proof that the best singer rarely wins the title. Kris Allen. Jordan Sparks. David Cook. All had the complete package and captured the heart of this country. (But haven’t yet produced on the other side.)

Think of the history of pop teen idols: Ricky Nelson, David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Rick Springfield, The Jonas Brothers, and now Justin Bieber. All good looking kids that were puppets of the system. They made the right moves and a ton of money in the process. If you can make the young girls scream, you’ll be popular and successful. American Idol’s producers know this. Tim Urban knows this. His awe-shucks attitude may come off as naive and humble, but that’s all part of the sell. If Tim stays in his lane and picks the right songs, he’ll cruise to the finals where I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat Crystal Bowersox in deja vu fashion of last year.

Tim, this is your season to lose.



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2 responses to “American Idol and Elvis

  1. Predictable that it’s the end of the road for Katie and Andrew after last night’s performance…

  2. Big Sexy

    We knew Katie wasn’t going to win it all, but, as I predicted, she made her way into the top 10 and showed America what she can do. Too bad the judges already used their save on Big Mike, who I think is getting a little boring, because that just energized his fans to vote this week. One major disadvantage for Katie was the fact that all her region 15 voters had to stay up past their bedtime just to vote for her. No fair.

    Anyways, it was (kind of) fun while it lasted. Time to prepare for the homecoming party for Katie.

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