The Schaedler NFL Mock Draft 2.0

The NFL Draft is this Thursday starting at 8 p.m. Diesel Draft Expert Mike Schaedler is back for his Mock 2.o. Hopefully we’ll have some post-draft coverage involving Schaedler and many of his wrong picks.

Fuck Kiper and McShay.

Alright, three days from the draft and my Mock 1.0 from a few weeks ago, with the exception of the top 5 picks, looks like garbage, as expected. From #6 and on, it’s a crapshoot because this will probably be the most interesting and unpredictable draft in a long time. Let’s hope the 2.0 is a bit more accurate or Dan Stack is going to have me drinking more Jameson than I’d like to imagine.

1. St. Louis Rams – QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma: Still not fully sold on him as a #1 overall, but not every #1 can be Peyton Manning. Also, I probably put too much stock in arm strength. He seems like he has good intelligence and leadership abilities and decent accuracy. The Browns or another team may trade up to here to grab him. (Previous pick: Bradford)

2. Detroit Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska: Arguably the best player on the board with S Eric Berry of Tennessee. I was tempted to put OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State here, but the Lions will draft Suh. (Previous pick: Suh)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma: A beastly DT who will contribute immediately and fit nicely into the Bucs 4-3 defensive front. (Previous pick: McCoy)

4. Washington Redskins – OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State: The ‘Skins probably would like to make sure that new QB Donovan McNabb doesn’t take a beating every weak, and Okung helps that cause immediately. (Previous pick: Okung)

5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa: A solid prospect who is NFL-ready, which is exactly what KC needs. They allowed 45 sacks last year. That’s a ton of sack! (Previous pick: Bulaga)

6. Seattle Seahawks – OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma: Fills the desperate need for a LT in Seattle to protect Hasselbeck or Whitehurst or whoever the hell is playing QB for them. (Previous pick: OT Anthony Davis)

7. Cleveland Browns – S Eric Berry, Tennessee: CJ Spiller or Jimmy Clausen are possibilities here. I think that Mike Holmgren will take the best player available, and Berry is far too tempting to pass up at #7. (Previous pick: Berry)

8. Oakland Raiders – OT Bruce Campbell, Rutgers: Honestly, who knows? Nobody can predict whom the Raiders will pick; they can only make a lucky guess. Campbell has the useless great workout numbers Al Davis loves, and I’m no longer convinced that they will take Taylor Mays. Which means that they’ll probably take Taylor Mays. Not a typo. (Previous pick: S Taylor Mays)

9. Buffalo Bills – QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame: I actually think Clausen is better than Bradford. Not a bad choice by Buffalo if they take him here, but it’d be smart for them to find some offensive linemen. Unfortunately, the 3 premier OT’s are gone at this point. (Previous pick: Clausen)

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama: Always around the ball and a tackling machine. This team needs to upgrade the D in one way or another and McClain is a solid, safe pick. (Previous pick: DE Derrick Morgan)

11. Denver Broncos –  DE/OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas: I think that Denver will trade down and draft a TE and WR with the lower picks now that Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler are gone. Whoever trades up to this spot may be aiming for a good pass-rusher like Kindle or DE Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech. Maybe the Broncos take him, though. If so, he and Elvis Dumervil will provide a great pass rush for this team. (Previous pick: Rolando McClain)

12. Miami Dolphins – S Earl Thomas, Texas: They’ll probably pick up a nose tackle either here or later, but Thomas is a great pick at #12. (Previous pick: Sergio Kindle)

13. San Francisco 49ers – CB Joe Haden, Florida: Fast, smart, physical, no character issues. What good is that for future Mike Singletary rants? (Previous pick: Haden)

14. Seattle Seahawks – RB CJ Spiller, Clemson: If I’m Pete Carroll, this is a no-brainer at #14. If Pete Carroll is Pete Carroll, well, then, I’m not so sure. (Previous pick: Spiller)

15. New York Giants – G Mike Iupati, Idaho: He would probably start right away and provide a spark and a mean streak for the running game. Pass protection needs improvement, but at least they’ve got a proven franchise QB who can get rid of the ball relatively quickly. (Previous pick: Earl Thomas)

16. Tennessee Titans – DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech: Solid DE for their 4-3 scheme that needs a good pass-rusher. (Previous pick: DE Jason Pierre-Paul)

17. San Francisco 49ers – OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers: They probably want Iupati, but if he’s gone I think they’ll go with Davis, who needs work but has the upside. (Previous pick: Mike Iupati)

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State: WR is an area of need but I think they’ll address it in some other way. They don’t want another receiver with character issues (Dez Bryant) and Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech is a reach at this spot. They do need a good cornerback and Wilson is an appropriate choice at #18. (Previous pick: Wilson)

19. Atlanta Falcons – DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan: They could use some help getting to the opposing QB. (Previous pick: Graham)

20. Houston Texans – RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State: Houston’s explosive offense finally gets a dependable and powerful RB. (Previous pick: Mathews)

21. Cincinnati Bengals – TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma: Gives Carson Palmer another option in the passing game and can help block for Cedric Benson. (Previous pick: Gresham)

22. New England Patriots – WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State: Randy Moss is aging and doesn’t see a future for himself in NE, so who knows how much effort he will give this year. Wes Welker may not be himself until late in the season. Bryant fills a need and his talent could make him a steal at #23, but his off-field issues may not mesh well with HC Bill Belichick. (Previous pick: DE/DT Jared Odrick)

23. Green Bay Packers – C/G Maurkice Pouncey, Florida: O-line is a major need and Pouncey is the best center in the draft and versatile enough to play guard. (Previous pick: Pouncey)

24. Philadelphia Eagles – DE Jason Pierre Paul, South Florida: Not much experience but tons of athleticism and potential. (Previous pick: DE Carlos Dunlap)

25. Baltimore Ravens – DE/DT Jared Odrick, Penn State: Size, strength, toughness, relentless style, a sure pick. Baltimore loves this type of player and could use some talent on their 3-4 D-line to go with Haloti Ngata. (Previous pick: Dez Bryant)

26. Arizona Cardinals – DT Dan Williams, Tennessee: Fills a need at DT and has probably dropped farther at this point than one would expect. They can’t pass him up if he falls here. (Previous pick: LB Sean Weatherspoon)

27. Dallas Cowboys – OT Roger Saffold, Indiana: Solid at tackle or guard and has been shooting up draft boards as of late. (Previous pick: OT Bruce Campbell)

28. San Diego Chargers – DT Terrence Cody, Alabama: They’ll address their RB depth later in the draft and Cody fills the void left by Jamal Williams. (Previous pick: RB Jahvid Best)

29. New York Jets – OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU: Explosive pass-rusher whose only knock is that he is a bit undersized (so is S Jim Leonhard, but no Jets fan I know complains about him). Rex Ryan clearly wants to deploy a dominant pass rush, and pairing him with Calvin Pace and even having him mentored by Jason Taylor for a year, should they sign him, would be a good move. (Previous Pick: Terrence Cody)

30. Minnesota Vikings – CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers: This position is a priority and McCourty can contribute on special teams as well. (Previous pick: McCourty)

31. Indianapolis Colts – CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama: Great fit in the Tampa 2 scheme in Indianapolis and can start at nickel corner and eventually be an every down guy. They need an OT but can afford to wait because Peyton Manning gets rid of the ball so quickly. (Previous pick: Dan Williams)

32. New Orleans Saints – LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri: A solid athlete and playmaker who can adequately replace Scott Fujita and complement MLB Jonathan Vilma. (Previous pick: DE Everson Griffen).



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9 responses to “The Schaedler NFL Mock Draft 2.0

  1. ant

    i dont think dez bryant falls all the way to the pats at 22. also i feel that jerry hughes will be the first de/olb taken off the board at 12 by miami. ryan matthews to me is a 2nd rd pick too. eric berry is gunna be the best safety in the nfl in 4 yrs

  2. mike schaedler

    yeah the dez bryant thing is tough. i can also see him going to denver, pittsburgh, seattle (the most likely other candidate). I feel like some team will just take him because he’s the best available at whatever spot, which was my rationale for NE (although they just signed holt). jerry hughes is nasty, he very well could go much earlier as you said. mathews is solid but yeah, he lacks top end speed from what i hear. berry is an absolute beast and the only player that i would be okay with the jets trading up to get.

  3. ant

    haha ya, suh and gerald mccoy will be studs too but i cant wait for the raiders to draft tebow in the first rd because al davis is a moron….and just to see dan’s reaction

  4. Big Sexy

    The Jets have put themselves in excellent pre-draft position. Time to dominate the draft the way we just dominated the off-season.

  5. Diesel

    I think Gruden is over-excited on MNF but I could watch him do this every week for an hour.

  6. mike schaedler

    Gruden is the man, such an upgrade from Kornheiser on MNF.

    Arnone, look for the Jets to go cornerback in round one or trade down. Rex loves good cornerbacks and will probably take one despite acquiring Cromartie. It’s looking more like another projection that I will get wrong. Unfortunately, this is my final mock.

  7. ant

    bring out the jameson…

  8. Brannan

    I say the jets either take hughes or mccourty…..or anyone else on the board.

  9. mike schaedler

    yeah mccourty would be a good pick… solid chance the jets trade down.

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