Kahlua & Vanilla Vodka on the Rocks

This past weekend I was at a bar in New York City and ordered vanilla vodka and Kahlua on the rocks. A pretty straight up drink that stems from a White Russian, minus the milk/cream. I drink this cocktail quite frequently at home and find it smooth, sweet and effective. When the waitress brought me my drink, she made a comment that her and the bartender thought my order was rather peculiar, like it it was the first time they’ve ever heard of the combination and that basically it sounded gross.

A) It’s my drink, get me what I want, and shut up. And B) If you’re a bartender, how is it unfathomable that I ordered this drink? Like I said, it’s a White Russian without the white. Call it a Black Russian. It’s diesel. How about you try it before knocking it. Isn’t it your job as a mixologist to be familiar with alcohol pairings? And more so, in a customer service business that thrives on tips, do you think it’s the best idea to criticize aquired tastes? Maybe they’ve just been beaten into submission by Red Bull & Vodka, Jaggerbombs, Jack & Coke and Gin & Tonic, but there are other drinks out there. I recommend expanding your palate.



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2 responses to “Kahlua & Vanilla Vodka on the Rocks

  1. Josh

    “Call it a Black Russian”

    It’s not technically right to call it a Black Russian. A Black Russian is one part kahlua two parts vodka (or there abouts), however it is very similar to a Black Russian, maybe a Mulatto Russian (since we tend to think of vanilla as white). And yes your bartender should not have been surprised by this drink, however I’m not surprised that they were. Black Russian is my go to drink, and at least a third of the time they bring me a White Russian instead because it is much more common (thanks Big Lebowski) so I feel your pain… a little.

  2. Zone

    I have this drink chilled no ice and I love it,really got tired of the milk/ cream and the ice I save for my crown and Jameson!
    I also believe they should bring you what you order and as a on and of bartender I expect it.. Quality service brings better tips!

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