Chef Diesel’s Kentucky Derby Picks

I know nothing about horse racing, but I love the Kentucky Derby. I also have an affinity for gambling and it’s a proven fact that wagering money on a sporting event makes said event a millions times more exciting and enjoyable. The Kentucky Derby lasts maybe two minutes. I highly recommend finding a casino, OTB, or any betting facility and putting ten dollars down on whatever horse you like the name of. Watch the Derby. Cheer. Be disappointed when your horse doesn’t win. But know that those two minutes of screaming for some long shot underdog will probably be one of the most exhilarating moments of the year.

Chef Diesel’s Picks

For My long shot I’m going with HOMEBOYKRIS at 50/1 odds. I’m gonna throw $10 down for a straight win. Low risk, high reward. Remember last year? Mine That Bird: 50/1.

I’m also gonna go with a straight trifecta of Conveyance (12/1)–Sidney’s Candy (5/1)–Ice Box (10/1). I might also might go with a trifecta box with this combo. Conveyance has been strong in the last few races and I like Baffert as the trainer.

Looking at Lucky is the favorite at 3-1, but I don’t like the rail position and favorites rarely win at the Derby. Big odds are nice but you need to be realistic. The point is to have fun and only risk what you can afford to lose. Good luck.


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