Harborview Market: One Diesel Breakfast Sandwich

You want a diesel breakfast? Go to Harborview Market in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT. It’s all about the breakfast sandwich for me–bacon, egg and cheese on an a fresh, oversized croissant. And that croissant is what sets their sandwich apart from every other local breakfast joint. Flaky and and buttery rich after a few minutes on the griddle, the croissants are so good that people come just to buy a half dozen to bring home after church.

Aside from the excellent food, Harborview has the perfect Sunday morning atmosphere tucked away in a residential area off the main drag. Yea, it’s always busy (a good sign), and you might not get a table right away, but just wait. Grab a self-serve coffee, listen to the live music, read the paper and enjoy your company. If you’re in a rush, this ain’t your spot. When you’re ready hop in line around the center island/griddle/cash register, pick up any fresh pastries (croissants!) off the baking sheets and have your order ready when it’s your turn. If it’s busy, you’ll probably have to wait, but relax and enjoy the vibes; they’ll call your name and bring you your food. Take your time and enjoy the lack of pace. This isn’t a turn and burn diner. You claim a table and it’s yours for the morning.  You pay at the end of your meal and everything is very reasonable. Whether you want to make a morning out of it or are just dropping in for a coffee and bagel, Harborview Market holds it down for the most important meal of the day.


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  1. Amanda

    Thumbs up. Croissants are by far my favorite too.

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