Lee DeWyze Is Your American Idol

I hate it when I’m right, especially when it concerns Lee DeWyze. Despite a very lackluster final show, Lee proved that singing and those three final songs really didn’t mean much. The producers set him up all season and it paid off. The back story, “Hallelujah,” giving him a fucking U2 song for his first single? Good for him though. He’ll have a great and very humble-aw shucks fifteen minutes. I predict greater things for Crystal Bowersox and it’s probably best she didn’t win the show. All along she was the stand-out artist and like in years past, the best talent normally doesn’t win. If she stays true, she’ll find her niche. On Lilth Fair.

Now a few words on last night’s finale. Old, old, old. For the second year in a row, American Idol has failed to put on an exciting and relevant final episode. Hall & Oates? Michael McDonald? Alice Cooper? Chicago? I mean, come on! I understand that demographically only old people watch basic cable television, but would it hurt to bring in some current performers? Seriously, it’s like they used all the current stars throughout the season’s painful results shows and had no one left in the bank for the finale. Christina Aguilera was good, but she killed the momentum with a ballad. Janet Jackson? Yea, a huge name, but her lip syncing (and hair) was unforgivable. It’s pretty sad when the best moments of the night were Alanis Morrisette singing a 15-year old song and seeing that Bret Michaels is alive and can still hang on to his one hit single. For a show that continually berates its contestants for being “old fashioned” and begs singers to make older songs “current,” the show just looked stupid and hypocritical during the finale.

I think it’s safe to say I’m officially out on American Idol. Like Simon said, “You have to know when to leave the party.” Now seems just about time. Simon is gone, the other judges bring nothing to the table and the contestants just aren’t as good or interesting anymore. I find it hard to believe that we’ve run out of unknown talent in this country, but Idol’s process just seems stale. Even though the show will go on, I will not.


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