Summer TV Round Up

Tired of re-runs? Watch or DVR these shows:

Party Down — Starz & Instant Netflix
Sad news came last week when Starz announced that they would not be renewing their best show. I blazed through the first season on Netflix Instant and the second season is even better. Party Down keeps it real within the Hollywood scene and does not sacrifice comedy for story or vise versa. I think it’s one of the best written shows to come along in a while. Favorite Episode: Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday Party

The Hard Times of RJ Berger –– MTV, Catch Re-Runs 5 Times a Day
Surprisingly, MTV has put together a funny piece of original programming with RJ Berger, a show about a nerd with a huge dick. The show manages to be funny and light and reinterprets the eighties raunch comedy for a new generation. Favorite Episode: RJ Runs for School President

Huge — ABC Family, Monday at 9 pm
I really had high hopes for Huge since I was a major fan of Diane and MTV’s Fat Camp documentaries. We’re only two episodes in, but I don’t think I can stick with the show if the characters don’t develop and a greater conflict is introduced. My major beef so far is that every character is annoying. Willamina is too angsty and Amber is too ditzy. Are they supposed to be enemies? Friends? Frenimies? Who knows. We get it. The girls are fat, their families aren’t supportive, and they’re outcasts everywhere but camp. Now what?

Top Chef: D.C. — Bravo, Wednesday at 10 pm
The only cooking competition show I’ll watch on TV is back in Washington, D.C. this season. It’s still a little too early to pick favorite, but it will probably come down to Angelo and Kenny if the early episodes are any indication. I feel like everyone is now swinging for the fences right out of the gate with their show stopping dishes. A lot of fancy sauces and hip flavor combinations. Everyone’s playing their cards too early. The trick is to just get by until the shitty cooks weed themselves out in the first couple weeks. No need to take on the desert!

Rescue Me — FX, Tuesday at 10 pm
Tommy Gavin survived last season’s cliffhanger shooting. Surprise. I’m still interested in Rescue Me, but I question how much alcoholism and firefighter family demons I can take.

Wipeout — ABC, Tuesday at 8 pm
Let’s be honest, people falling and hurting themselves never gets old. I laugh out loud at Wipeout more than any other show on TV right now.


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