Neon Trees – Habits

You know who hasn’t put out an album in a while? The Strokes. Or The Killers. But fear not. Hipsters in the know are already probably familiar with Neon Trees, but for those who don’t wear skinny jeans and still crave indie-style synth-rock, Habits is worth a spin.

The songs are poppy, tight, and all pretty similar–straight ahead 4/4 drums with a new wave vibe. “Animal” is an instant sing-a-long hit. “Sins of My Youth” and “1983” prove that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The main draw of Habits is lead vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn. He is a far better singer than lyricist, but his tone and delivery are strong enough to carry most of the album. My favorite moments are when Glenn challenges his upper register and goes raspy. A very impressive debut.

Habits is a solid disc. The band rarely strays from their comfort zone, but that produces a fluid and cohesive album. There’s nothing groundbreaking on the disc, but it is a nice placeholder until the genre’s kingpins return. I recommend going the iTunes route: Seven bucks and two bonus tracks.


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