Why Cook Well?

Recently I took some time to write a short essay for a contest related to Anthony Bourdain’s latest book Medium Raw. The task was to answer the question, “Why Cook Well?” I used my experiences over the past year to frame the essay and make a well constructed argument. I know it’s well written and after reading many of the other popular entries, I know it’s better than most of the other essays. I shit you not. This is not me over hyping myself. Read some of the “popular” gems yourself.

You see, this contest is just another example of high school politics. The person with the most friends on Facebook, who pimps their garbage the hardest will get the most views and possibly, votes. This initial rush to enter the contest has yet again proven to me that people are stupid and just because you think you can write, doesn’t mean you should. Seeing the contest play out over these first few days has been frustrating. My only hope is that contest rules are upheld (read the fine print folks!). They state that only 10% of the final decision is based on fan voting; the rest on originality, creativity, and writing style. So hopefully somewhere out there a discerning eye from Harper Collins is reading every entry and filtering out the bullshit. Seriously, the publisher can’t honestly think that some of essays are worthy of being printed in an actual book.

If you are interested, go ahead and read my essay. You can also get to it from the fancy badge over on the right. You don’t have to vote or comment (but it would be a nice gesture). I’m not pandering to my loyal readers simply for me to climb the charts. Simply, I think I wrote a good piece that explains some things that have gone in my life over the past year. Thanks again for reading.


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