Summer Jamz: Kanye West – "Power"

This King is Dead?

“Power” is my favorite new song to come out this year. Kayne West is back. He’s gotten over his Heartbreak and has returned to his ultra swag ways. The chanting loop, the indie-fuzz bass line, the dirty beat–Kayne could have gone full auto-tune vocals and the track would still be ill. Now I will say that I could do without the outro featuring Dwele. Just seems like an afterthought after such strong verses. If anything, maybe shorten the section and use it as a bridge before bringing the chorus back one more time. Anyways, “Power” is greater than the sum of its parts. Kanye’s lyrics aren’t his most clever, but his ‘me verse the world’ attitude is clearly still present. Like his BET Awards performance, Mr. West is back at the top of the game.

Listen or download the song on iTunes or Nah Right.


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