Sara Quin Be Mine

Dear Sara,

I saw your show the other night. It was rad. You said it was the first time you ever played in New Hampshire. I hope enjoyed your time in the Granite State and we gave you enough love to want to come back soon. Honestly though, I never really listened to your songs until about a week ago. Maybe I was scared or just got the wrong idea about your band from somewhere. But the jams are fun, poppy, sincere, quirky and a total change of pace for me, which is a good thing. I love The Con. Sainthood is a great spin too. “Back in Your Head,” “Call It Off,” “Alligator“–undeniable. Your harmonies slay me. Completely jealous.

Your sister seems pretty cool too. I heard that song Fat Mike wrote about you. (Or was it your sister?) It’s decent, but he’s just a fat fuck geriatric punk. I’d write you a much cooler song. And it’d probably be acoustic. I heard you’re Canadian. That’s awesome! I was just up in Montreal and loved the city.

You’re really cute and I dig your style. Now I know I have no shot with you. I’ve come to terms with that. But I wanted you to know that you have a new fan. It’s been a rough year for new music, but in keeping my ears open, I’ve discovered you. Keep doing your thing and stay gold.

-Chef Diesel


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