Hipsters Are Ruining Everything (Part 2,391)

Deadspin has a great on-going feature called “Look at These Fucking Hoopsters,” the latest installment being from the recent Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. It appears that hipsters have now decided to take their irreverent and ironic fashion sense to the hardwood. Original, replica and throwback jerseys are all the rage for fans of shitty music who spend hours trying to look like they just don’t care. The older, more obscure and irrelevant the player’s jersey you choose to sport, the better. Champion seems to be the brand of choice for the “hoopsters” and either everyone has saved their childhood idol’s gear from age eight, or they’re spending hours sifting though piles of shit at the local thrift store.

Now I’m none to pleased with this trend. I legitimately like retro throwback jerseys. I like the old school designs, honoring past/current players and staying cool in the summer months. My favorite throwback is probably Alex English’s 1988-89 Denver Nuggets jersey. It’s pretty hideous. But I like it. I’m not trying to be funny or ironic or make some meta statement about Alex English. I bought the jersey at Marshalls for $20 a couple years ago. I wear it during the summer when it’s hot out.

This recent hipster trend leaves me in danger of being associated with a fixed gear bike crew from Williamsburg. I shudder at the possibility. Hopefully, like all things hipster, the mere acknowledgment of this trend will be the tipping point and a major backlash will occur. Brooklyn Vegan will declare the style “over” and I can go back to looking ridiculous on my own terms. Until then, keep up the good work Deadspin.



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2 responses to “Hipsters Are Ruining Everything (Part 2,391)

  1. Radley

    Great article, I’m not a fan of the trend either. Mostly because I have and frequently wear the Tyrone Hill jersey that gets referenced in one of the Deadspin captions.

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