Pink Drank

Need a refreshing end-of-summer cocktail for your Labor Day BBQ? Mix up some Pink Drank and get the party started.

32 oz. Bottle of Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade
375 mL Chilled Vodka (Roughly half a standard bottle. I like Smirnoff, but use whatever brand you prefer. DO NOT USE flavored vodka.)
2 Limes

Fill a pitcher a quarter full will ice cubes. Pour the chilled vodka over the ice. Dump your Stawberry Lemonade on stop then give a quick stir. Cut your limes in quarters, then squeeze the juice into the pitcher. Throw the rinds into the pitcher when done. Mix well. Adjust vodka (read: add more!) if necessary. Serve over ice in a clear plastic cup and garnish with a lime wedge. Diesel.



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2 responses to “Pink Drank

  1. The Sizzurp

    This gets shit popping!

  2. Amanda

    Very tasty! pink drannnnnk

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