Summer Jamz: Sara Bareilles – "King of Anything"

“Love Song” was a cute debut for Sara Bareilles. The rest of her debut album failed to deliver. She had one-hit-wonder written all over her until she went and hooked up with Weezer to remix one of my favorite songs from 2009. Now, her sophomore effort Kaleidoscope Heart is due in stores September 7 and Sara is off to another hot start with her lead single, “King of Anything.” There is no such thing a guilty pleasure. The jam glows. The bouncy piano riff draws you in, then her smooth vocals take over, the horns swell and your foot is tapping and you’re pressing replay five times in a row. So much vocal swagger and a great way to deny the sophomore slump for Bareilles. My only wish would be that for the final chorus coming out of the bridge, the drums exploded into a straight ahead 4/4 beat with more guitars in the mix. Throw in a fill, rock it out a little, let that section breathe. I get that it’s a quirky little pop tune, but I think they could have made the last section stadium-big.


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