On Green Tea

Dr. Oz made me believer. It must have been over a year ago when I saw him praising the positive effects of green tea. It’s packed with anti-oxidants, has less caffeine than coffee and soft drinks and it just tastes good. I know I’m fucking crazy–I don’t drink coffee, it’s never been my cup of…tea? Green tea provides an AM kick without the addictive shakes. You can drink it hot or cold and works at any time of the day. Get healthy and earn some smug points. Here are the most diesel brands of green tea.

Honestly Good

Honest Tea Just Green Tea and Honey Green Tea
I’m normally not a snob about beverages, but Honest Tea’s organic Honey Green Tea and Just Green Tea are legit and worth the extra cash. I like the slightly sweet honey tea with a meal and the plain tea if I just want a drink. Again, you’re paying for quality here, not empty calories and super sweet corn syrup.

Tazo Zen Green Tea
I prefer the Zen tea bags [insert joke here], even though a bottled version is produced as well. I prefer my tea unsweetened in the morning and the bags allow my to steep at my desired temperature. The addition of lemongrass and spearmint give the leaves a subtle and refreshing kick. You can also be a yuppie with your green tea since Zen is proudly served at Starbucks. My order: Grande Iced Unsweetened.

Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea
Another great option in bag form. The lemon cuts through and provides a lovely citrus zing to warm you up on a cold New England morning.


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