Rustic Overtones Live at The Stone Church

A Ryan Zoidis solo is worth the price of admission to a Rustic Overtones show. The saxophonist absolutely killed it during the Overtones’ set at the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH on Friday. Zoidis blazed on “Love Underground,” “Everybody Wants to Be Somebody’s Friend,” “Girl Germs” and “Iron Boots.” I’d pay to see this guy busk in a train station.

The set covered a lot of ground for the band. Old favorites, experimental jams and even a new cut peppered the performance in front of a sold out crowd. Seeing rare songs like “Cherry” and “Man Without a Mouth” was the highlight of the show (aside from my man crush described above). The Rustic Overtones have really found the zone as a six-piece outfit with several members carrying the weight of playing multiple instruments. I’ll always love former member Spencer Albee’s dynamic vocal harmonies, but the band hasn’t missed a step. As Dave Gutter jumped into the crowd for the finale of “Combustible,” fans swelled around the singer and it was a moment–joy, excitement, intensity and mutual appreciation. The Rustic Overtones are the best the New England music scene has to offer.


Gas on Skin
Love Underground
All Together Now
Common Cold
Everybody Wants to Be Somebody’s Friend
Light at the End
New Way Out
Man Without a Mouth
Girl Germs
Hardest Way Possible
Iron Boots
Downside of Looking Up
Rock Like War


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