Easy A

Easily awesome.

Emma Stone is what Lindsay Lohan could have been — hot, hilarious and an actress with a great future. After supporting roles in Superbad and Zombieland, Stone is ready to star in Easy A, a movie about a whore who really isn’t a whore, but becomes an attention whore. Ah, whatever, see the movie and forget the useless plot summary.

I’m a teen move connoisseur and Easy A is an excellent homage to John Hughes classics. Writer Will Gluck works in many references, both blatant and subtle, to classic eighties teen movies, which makes the movie self-aware and uncliched. The jokes are fresh, the story is relevant and uses Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter as a nice framework. Easy A is an evolved Mean Girls, which is wild to say, realizing how far we’ve come in six years. Girls use to just be mean to each other. Now they’re mean, conniving, selfish, self-aware and perfectly OK with it.

Which brings me to my main gripe of the film–it’s rating. Call me Grandpa Diesel, but Easy A should have been rated R. I understand Hollywood’s desire for a wider audience, but I hope thirteen year old girls don’t understand everything covered in the movie. I’m not naive and I remember what high school was like. One of Easy’s strength is its accuracy in depicting the social struggle of high school. But there were young girls in the theatre with me and I’d hate to have to answer their questions on the ride home. If they went R, there could have been a little more swearing and gratuitous female nudity, which would have been the best way to salute 80’s flicks.

Easy A is the best teen comedy since The Girl Next Door. Funny, sweet and very re-watchable. The teen bar has been raised again.


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