Butternut Tortilla Soup

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Cover Girl: Butternut Tortilla Soup

Fall is here and soup is in the air. There’s nothing better on a brisk October day than a hearty cup of soup. By far my favorite cookbook that I use most often throughout the year is the New England Soup Factory Cookbook. The book does an excellent job of covering the basics of stocks and broth, then breaking down the more advanced recipes by season. I love the Autumn section. Soups filled with root vegetables, huge flavor and amazing balance.

On Sunday I made a Butternut Squash Tortilla Soup and have had the leftovers for dinner every night this week. The recipe calls for a bunch of ingredients, but because it’s a blended soup, the texture is smooth and creamy while maintaining distinct notes. Tortilla chips are used to thicken the soup and chilies give a slight kick of heat. The Monterrey Jack cheese is subtle but necessary. Garnish with fresh tortilla chips, avocado, a dash of fresh lime juice–DIESEL.

If you’re serious about soup, the N.E. Soup Factory book is a mandatory purchase. A ton of great recipes, easy to follow directions and the opportunity to expand your palate and culinary repertoire.


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