The Publick House


The Public House

Drink good beer.


Any place that has Weihenstephaner on tap goes in the Hall of Boo-Yea. The Publick House on the Brookline/Brighton, MA border in Washington Square is the quintessential gastro-pub. But Publick gives a middle finger to all those wannabe bars that think carrying Sam Adams seasonal and few imports means taking beer seriously. Belgium shines as the main source of ale for the restaurant, but there are endless options, both foreign and domestic, for your discerning palate.

The food ain’t too shabby either. Seasonal menu with a New England flair, each dish pairs excellent with whatever you’re thirsty for. I favor the hefeweizens regardless of what’s on my plate. Or sometimes an Allagash Tripel. Pots of mussels with rotating styles, classic Belgian frites, a killer burger, elevated pub far at super reasonable prices. Yea, the brews are expensive, but it’s worth it. Fucking quality. You’re paying for great beer that you can’t get anywhere else in Boston. You also then earn the right to brag and look down on all your loser friends who prefer to go out to dive bar du jour and kick back with a Bud Light.

Just because you can eat and drink like a snob doesn’t mean you have to act like one. The Publick House is totally chill with a dim atmosphere the invites long conversations and multiple tastings. Come early, stay late. Also be sure to check out their Publick House Provisions store and American Craft down the block.


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