State of the Diesel Union

First, thank you for all of the support over the past year. It was a pretty successful year for the site on our humble scale. Some things works, others didn’t. To give you an idea of what was most popular this year, here are some stats:

The most popular post this year was our pre-season NFL Power Rankings, written by Mike Schaedler, was read about 700 times. Sweet.
My favorite piece, probably my review of Au Pied de Cochon, was read 11 times. Sweet.
Thirteen (one-three, 13) people read my essay entry for the Anthony Bourdain contest. Eh.
My two video reviews of Domino’s Pizza and Bonecrushers Brews were watched 85 times. Decent.
For some reason, two of my Rustic Overtones reviews are still linked prominently on their site. Awesome.

The point here is that there are crests and troughs. We ride the wave. This site is not an exact science. 99.8% of the time I write about what I want, when I want. I am extremely selfish. If I wanted more traffic, I could easily optimize my posts, write a post a day about what’s trending on Twitter, and just be lame. I’d rather have 20 devoted readers than 2,000 clicks simply because I write misleading and uninformative shit like Mashable.

It seems like everyone and their grandma has a blog or Twitter or Facebook or AnusSquare and I think we’ve reached the saturation point. I’ve said many times before that just because the tools exist, doesn’t mean you should use them. You may cook dinner for your family every night, but that does not make you a capable food writer.

I have no illusions about the goals or success of this site. We will stay strong for 2011. But 2011 will also be a very busy year for me. Growth would be great, but I’m not about to write, or ask Mike to write, and NFL power rankings column every week. And I don’t give a shit about celebrity gossip.

Posts may be more infrequent or they may not be. We’ll just have to see on that. Hopefully, we can touch on some broader topics and be more thought provoking. There may be some new projects I’ll be involved in as well, and I’m sure with a little creativity you’ll be able to find them.

I just want to thank you again for your loyalty. You may not care, comment or continue on, but I know you were here. 2010 was a total boo-yea and I hope 2011 is full of dieselness for all.


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One response to “State of the Diesel Union

  1. I check this site almost everyday, PREPARED FOR MORE DIESELNESS IN ’11.

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