J-E-T-S Yes, Yes, Yes!

Talk shit? You better back it up. Talk shit and win? Even better, go sick. Try to talk shit, then lose and be all high and mighty? Too bad, suck it up and move on or you’ll look even more pathetic.

On Sunday, the New York Jets took out the garbage that was the 2010 New England Patriots. The Jets flat-out beat the Patriots. They dominated on defense, executed on offense and won on special teams (despite an early missed field goal). Instead of recognizing their utter dismantling and accepting it, the Patriots and their fans point fingers, whine and call the Jets “classless.” Who gives a shit? YOU LOST. Football is probably the most barbaric sport we have in America. Go play golf if you want class. Seek, hit, destroy. See who has bigger balls. That is football.

What we’re seeing here is a microcosm of sports in the last 10-15 years (or since Michael Jordan retired the second time). Sports have gone soft. Blame the money or the fame or the fans, but it feels like players simply don’t care anymore or, they’re just walking PR robots. Somewhere along the line in the last decade, personalities became illegal in sports. Players have been conditioned to show up, play, get paid, and talk as little as possible. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t fuck with the system.

Seriously, who’s the best sports personality of the last 10 years? Shaq (Probably)? Brett Favre (Gross)? Ochocinco (Nah)?

That’s why the Jets are so refreshing and their win against the Patriots was so important. Show some passion. Show some excitement. Be human. Get invested. Have some pride. We’re sick of the bullshit stock media press conference quotes. Keep it real. As players, you should hate your opponent. You should always have the back of your teammates and coach. You shouldn’t be scared to insult someone or offend one of your sponsors. Just because you’re tight with dudes on other teams doesn’t mean you help them up from a pile. As Will Leitch wrote earlier this week when the Cromartie quote hit, it feels good to know that your team cares as much about a game as you, the fan, does. The Jets are good for business. Let’s hope more players and teams in all sports took note of what just took place.

No matter what happens to the Jets from here on out, this game will be remembered as their Super Bowl. They avenged the 45-3 game, and thoroughly embarrassed the all-mighty Bill Belichick. And though it’s hard to believe thanks to the mainstream media’s massive hard-on for all things Patriots, New England hasn’t won a playoff game in 3 years. The Jets are playing in their second consecutive AFC Championship.

Enjoy Brazil, Tom. I’m sure they love your hair in Rio.


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One response to “J-E-T-S Yes, Yes, Yes!

  1. Big Sexy

    Thank you Diesel. The best part is “can’t wait.” He talks trash like I play Madden ’05 – nasty. Go Jets.

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