Charlie Sheen is Winning

Had enough of Charlie Sheen yet? Yea, me too. Regardless of what you think about his meltdown or media tour or whatever they’re calling it these days, doesn’t it feel…refreshing? I mean, the dude is crazy, no doubt, but isn’t it nice to just see someone not give a fuck? Dude is a millionaire actor on (sadly) TV’s most watched show; why would he not love hookers and drugs and take full advantage of his situation? Why should he care about what the public thinks of him? More importantly, why should the general public care about Charlie Sheen doing what rich playboys do?

Everything is so image-conscious and packaged today that when someone doesn’t follow the rules and veers off the sterile and expected path, we go nuts over it. Charlie Sheen is crazy. Awesome. Laugh at him for two seconds then move on. Be jealous. Use him as an escapist fantasy, then get back to your real life and try to improve it if you’re relying on Access Hollywood to get you through your day.

Charlie Sheen will be just fine with his goddesses. Let’s get back to more crucial things, like finding a way for billionaire NFL owners to share their money will millionaire players so that I won’t miss a fantasy football season in the fall.


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