So Osama Bin Laden is Dead

I am a cynical bastard. I’d like to think of myself as an optimist, but somewhere along the road I’ve been tainted. I question. I doubt. I’m skeptical, of media in particular. It’s not a conscious, conspiracy theory-like mindset. It just happens.

As news hit that Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, my initial reaction was where’s the body (buried at sea?) and why does it feel like the timing of this is off?  People took to the streets to celebrate the announcement and cheers of U-S-A rang out from baseball stadiums to the outside White House. This undoubtedly is a good thing.

Bin Laden and Al-Queda were responsible for the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. He was a known terrorist and deserved to be killed for his crimes. I’m glad our military stepped up, found that fuck and put a bullet in his head. But the news didn’t excite or inspire me. I didn’t have a visceral reaction and I don’t feel personally vindicated by the killing. Like I said, I think there’s something wrong with me. Instead, I’m wondering if this is just another power play by Obama to lock down a second term, make people forget about the budget crisis and distract journalists from the destruction in Alabama. For now, it seems like all of that’s true. Country-wide sentiment is unified.

But what next? We cut off the head, but the body is still alive. It’s probably a good bet that Al-Queda will retaliate. How and when is unknown. Let’s just hope our forces can do just as good a job diffusing any potential threat as they did carrying out the Bin Laden mission.

I didn’t hear the news until this morning. I was watching Sportscenter, eating my cereal when the news scrolled along the bottom line. You know why I didn’t catch the breaking news last night during the President’s address? Because I was sound asleep in my bed.

As much as we argue about politics or complain about taxes or disagree about whatever, America is still one of the greatest countries in the world to live. Stateside, life is good. In the big picture, we’re pretty well off. Sure, we have problems, but luckily they don’t include issues like how to get clean running water, how to stay free of disease, and where to stay safe from civil unrest. We often take for granted, myself included, the basic comforts of life in the United States. I may not be the most nationalistic person in the country, but I know when something is a big deal. So while everyone is currently united behind Bin Laden’s killing, would it be too much to ask to take this momentum forward, put aside differences and continue to accomplish more great things for our Nation?


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