The Food Experiment: Boston

Reppin' NH: Live Free or Pie!

Rumor has it that I, Chef Diesel, will be participating in The Boston Pie Experiment on July 31. The Experiment is an amateur cooking competition and this stop on the national tour is centered around the theme of pie. If it has a crust, it’s game. Anyone can enter and after some crafty form-filling-out and a vague email confirmation, I’m pretty sure that Team Chef Diesel be making its culinary debut at The Middle East in about three weeks.

I’m keeping my dish under wraps for now, but I will say it going to be savory and non-traditional. Bottom line: I need to practice. I’m confident in each component of the pie, but have yet to put it all together. Regardless, it will be diesel. So, I encourage all local peeps to get their ass to Cambridge and spend a Sunday afternoon housing food and rooting for the underdog. It’s ten bucks to get in the door, so start saving your pennies. I look forward to upholding my kitchen-dominating reputation (i.e. not coming in last) and drinking a lot of Brooklyn Lager. More details to come.


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