First Listen: Blink-182 – "Up All Night"

Fittingly, I was driving from San Diego to Los Angeles when I heard the premiere of Blink-182’s new single “Up All Night” on the radio. It’s the band’s first new song in over eight years and no hyperbole could explain the anticipation for this track. It’s almost unfair to compare “Up All Night” to anything in Blink’s catalog, but naturally people will complain that it doesn’t have the poppiness of “All The Small Things” or the fast drive of “The Rock Show.” This is an older Blink that can’t just sing about girls buying them burritos from Sombrero anymore. So while haters will whine that the song sounds too dark or too much like Angels & Airwaves, at least it’s a song. Blink-182 is back with their heaviest effort to date (sick break down at 2:51) and Travis Barker is still a beast, back where he belongs, behind the kit of a real band. “Up All Night” is just one song. It might not be what fans wanted or expected, but let’s wait until the entire album is out before we jump ship.


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